Pride goeth before the Po Po

speeding-ticket-b_ski0082When your moon is in its zenith, your spirits high, your coffee warm and all is right with your world, you better watch out for the Po Po.

I awoke this morning feeling extremely rested. I was thinking bright, shiny thoughts about myself.  I was feeling good about being good actually.  I’ve been eating right, getting in shape, using Go-Green reusable grocery bags, eating free-range eggs, flossing regularly. All my pets have legal city licenses. I even read to my little ones before bed last night.

My middle son – Patrick The Peacemaker, Patrick The Sweetness, the child most likely to still visit me when I’m old and feed me applesauce should it become necessary – was struggling over some 7th-grade math homework during breakfast.  I told him I would drive him if the extra 15-minutes would help – after all I was feeling magnanimous, aloft on my ego cloud. 

We were having a nice chat on the way to school,  the traffic was light, Colin, my 3-year-old was happily chirping about his Power Ranger action figures from the backseat.  I even had Nora Ephron playing on the CD player in the van – chill music, chill morning and then I turned left toward Paddy’s  school just as the light changed.  Enter, THE PO PO.

I was still thinking warm thoughts as I turned into the school, sure that the Po Po was after someone else and glad I wasn’t obstructing the path to the perpertrator – but sure enough,  the blinking lights were for me alone and the air went out of my feel-good balloon faster than you can say Virginia Uniform Summons. 

Paddy wasn’ t sure whether to wait and be late to class, or stay and maybe watch me get cuffed and head-shoved into the officer’s backseat. I had to assure him all I was getting was a ticket and he didn’t need to make it worse by missing first bell. But, I sure did appreciate the sentiment and support. If my high-schooler  had been in the car he would have been hiding below dashboard level and crawling out commando style the first chance available.  I wouldn’t blame him – being pulled over in front of your kid’s school is a serious drive-of-shame, and no picnic for your passenger. I had to sit there for about 10 minutes while other parents, bus drivers and middle-schoolers on foot went past me, waiting abashed for my “ticket.” 

I am now home safely and like the good citizen I used to believe myself to be, I have also paid my ticket online.  My self-confidence is in check, I am not sitting on my laurels and I am recommitting myself to the day before me.  Soon I will have to drive to the grocery store, and with renewed dedication to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I will do so mindfully, carefully and with my eyes straight ahead . . .

 looking for the Po Po.


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  1. mrred said,

    April 23, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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