Welcome to Out of the Ordinary

zach-at-school-03-004“I’ve got my own world to live through and uh, huh
And I ain’t gonna copy you.

White collar conservative flashin’ down the street
Pointin’ their plastic finger at me, ha !
They’re hopin’ soon my kind will drop and die but uh
I’m gonna wave my freak flag high, high !
Oww !

Wave on, wave on…”

-Jimi Hendrix, from If 6 was 9


This blog started out as a kind of diary – somewhere to put all the crazy thoughts and ideas that are bouncing off the walls of my head like unruly children on the last day of school.

What started out as a a bit of therapy, has slowly evolved into something I want to share.  During a conversation with a dear friend from my newspaper days I let my blog slip out of the closet! And, at her urging, I am now unfurling the freak flag. So ready the noisemakers people, I’m letting it all hang out. At least on these pages.

Out of the Ordinary is mostly about my adventures as a parent of a son with autism, but I blather about a variety of other topics from dogs to yoga. I have started what I have dubbed the X Files, for the extra kooky stuff!

What I want most for this blog is for it to offer an upbeat vibe to fellow parents and maybe a little awareness and information for the rest of my visitors. Not to say all the posts on here will be “yippie skippie” but that I am going to make my best effort not to be maudlin or morose – let me know if you think I am sliding into “Debbie Downer” territory.

At any rate, welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit. Post your comments, ideas, links, and tips!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!




  1. The Vinman said,

    March 1, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Did someone say vibe 🙂 ?

  2. trudyboom said,

    March 2, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    It’s all about the vibes baby!!

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